Hello world!

Here is my first post. Hi everybody!

EggsOnBread is a blog about Agile project management, Ruby on rails and other cool tidbits. Why EggsOnBread? Because it’s like the way I love to make things: Simple, Efficient and Delicious.

I hope you will enjoy it!

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  • http://www.palleas.com Palleas

    Good luck !

    (I just love your blog’s name o/ )

  • Hélène

    Hello Philippe !
    Bonne chance. J’fais la grève de l’anglais. ^_^”

  • http://www.dmathieu.com Damien

    I also love the blog’s name.
    Added to my Google Reader. Now, you must write a lot of articles about agile development ;p

    Oh and I’ve made you a link on my blogroll ;)

  • http://www.sutekidane.net/blog/ Thanh

    Bon vent! (moi aussi je par pas anglais le lundi)

  • http://www.sutekidane.net/blog/ Thanh

    Et je mange mes mots xD

  • http://www.eexit.net Joris


    Nice to see ya overhere Philippe!

  • http://arnaud.didry.info ArnaudD

    Cool ! Je suis déjà impatient de lire la suite !

  • http://pcreux.com Philippe

    Thank you all | Merci à tous!

  • Hi, my name is Philippe Creux.

    This blog is about Agile project management, Ruby programming and other cool things. I haven't published anything here since 2011. Find the latest and greatest on pcreux.com!