Rak — Grep on (ruby) steroïds

Every linux user must know grep, the command-line text search utility. This tool prints lines matching a given regular expression in files or standard input. For those using grep over multiple files, I advise you to give a try to Rak.

Like grep, Rak is a text search utility. Unlike grep, it parses by default all source files in the working folder & its sub-folders, it groups matching lines by file and it highlights the text matching the given regular expression. In other word, it’s a Grep under steroïds and it just rocks!

Here is a screenshot showing Rak in action:


Rak is written in Ruby and available as a gem. So, just “gem install rak” and you’re ready to go!

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  • http://arnaud.didry.info Arnaud

    et ça s’intègre à vi ? je rêve d’un grep totalement intégré à vi avec ouverture d’onglet, couleurs, “go to line” etc… quelqu’un connaitrait ça ?

    • http://pcreux.com Philippe

      You might give a try to the vim plug-in Grep.vim. It allows you to launch a recursive search via Grep and jump over matching patterns. But I don’t think you can open tabs in Vim.

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