How-to fix low volume on Ubuntu (Dell laptop: Intel Hda soundcard)

It took me a while to find a way to fix it as all the alsa-mixers where set at 100%. The solution: run alsamixer -D hw:0 to display a new mixer called “Front” set at 70% by default – shift it to 100% and you can now listen to music or watch a film at a comfortable level!
Ps: If anyone knows how to increase the internal mic input volume and/or make the front mic work on an Dell XPS M1530: I’m definitely interested!

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  • JM

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    I’ll email you for more private news


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  • Pinball Machines Rev

    Could try this: Right click on the volume icon on the taskbar > recording devices > double tap on “mic” > click “levels” and so you can adjust mic volume and mic boost options. Let me know if that was what you looking for :D

  • Tobias Christensen

    I made a video that shows easily how to fix this.
    Since i had just the same problem as you this was it.

    I hope it helps!

    • spyros

      Tobias thank you very much!!!!!!
      Your video helped me adjust my microphone settings and now everything works as expected

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