Siggyfeed — Share your Blog, Twitter, Flickr in your email signature

Jamie Alexander and I have just released Siggyfeed: a web service to share any feed (from your Blog, Twitter, Flickr gallery…) in your email signature.

Here is a siggy for my blog

This signature will change as I add more posts to my blog. You can change the title, the number of entries, the source to display and these changes will be reflected on your siggy right away. Each line is clickable and goes right to the blog post it displays.

You can also share pictures:

There pictures are from my Flickr gallery but any feed containing pictures will work! For instance here are my latest videos on Vimeo:

Give it a try! Go on, put the your URL of your blog / twitter / flickr / whatever, generate your siggyfeed and set the snippet of html code provided as your email signature! Easy peasy, eh!

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