Here are few projects I developed. They are all in Ruby, less-than-100-lines-of-code, open source and fun!

Jabber-SH — SH console via XMPP/Jabber (GTalk)

Screenshot-Jabber-SH on GTalk

Jabber-SH allows to you to administrate a remote computer via a command line through a Jabber client. It’s like SSH via GoogleTalk! :)

This ruby hack is available on gist.GitHub/Jabber-SH

SimpleSampler — Play sound-effects

Screenshot - Simple sampler

SimpleSampler has been created to play sound-effects for the play Wyrd Sisters, adapted from Terry Pratchett’s novel, and performed on May 2009 by the drama society TTI.

This ruby-gtk app’ is available on GitHub/SimpleSampler.

TwittyBrite — Display Twitter Messages on a Betabrite Led Display

TwittyBrite is in use at the O2Sources office. Every Direct Message sent to o2sources gets displayed on the BetaBrite Led Display.

This ruby app’ is available on GitHub/TwittyBrite.

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